Year 3

Mrs Williams

Mrs Magee



Family and Community Year 3

Option for the poor and vulnerable Year 3

Rights and responsibilities Year 3

Solidarity Year 3

The Dignity of the Human Person Year 3

The Dignity of Work Year 3


Caritas in Action Curriculum

Catholic Social Teaching Year 3

Stewardship Year 3


Welcome to Year 3! We have a busy year ahead of us!

In maths we will be looking at written methods of addition and subtraction, fractions and measuring length and weight.  We will also be converting measurements into different units such as grams into kilograms and vice versa.  We will also be carrying on with our times tables and any practice outside of school is always of benefit to the children.

In English we will be looking at myths and legends, specifically Greek myths, and look at the features of these genres.  We will then be creating our own heroes and villains and send our heroes on a quest.  Who knows what they will come up against! We will then move on to non-chronological reporting and focus upon a particular aspect of Greek life to produce an informative piece of writing.  If you listen to your child read please record it in their reading log. Encouraging your child to read promotes their love of reading which will help them achieve in school.

In RE we are looking at the theme ‘Called to Change’.  In this theme we will looking at forgiveness and reconciliation and to gain a further understanding of what happens during the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Light and Dark is our science topic this term and we will be investigating how shadows are created and how they change during the will be looking at the terms translucent, transparent and opaque.  We will also be looking at why we have night and day.

In our topic we will be thinking about the question ‘What have the Greeks done for us?  We will be looking where Greece is, creating a time-line of Greek history and comparing what was happening in Greece and our country at the same point in time.  We will be designing Greek pottery and making some Greek food.  In line with our focus on myths and legends, we will be working on the family tree of Zeus, the King of the Greek Gods.  We have already come up with a few surprises.

PE will take place on a Wednesday afternoon so please ensure that kit is available from the Spring term.  Swimming costume, towel and swimming hat are all essential.



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